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Candles & Lighting

Candles are wonderful for creating an atmosphere of peace and joy - picture that special dinner, a part of a religious service, time together as a family during a camp-out or, in my case, the seven summers during high school and college I spent working in a candle shop for a super couple.

And oh the wonderful fragrances!  Spicy, sweet, floral or fruity - yum!

These are wonderful 26 oz jars and have two wicks for more even burning.  By keeping the wicks trimmed to 1/4" and out of a drafty area, you can expect 120 - 150 hours of burn time.  Should you want to reuse the jar for something else, put the jar in the freezer with the little wax reminents for an hour or so and the wax will pop right out!

Please never leave a candle unattended.

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