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About Us

I am so very grateful to my mother; she loves to read and faithfully read to me every night when I was a child.  She mostly picked historical books, like the entire Little House on the Prairie series.   From an early age, then, I became fascinated with history.  She also shared her gifts of cooking and sewing.  I learned that quilting, handcrafting and cooking are also essential parts of our history and how we communicate the love of family, friends, and community.

From my father, I  learned history in a different way.  He had a passion and a gift for restoring antique automobiles.  Consequently I became fascinated with the histories of the cars going so far as imagining their stories:  who the owners were, what they did for a living and what the country was like when the cars were new.  

This enthusiasm evolved into learning the stories of the items our forefathers used, whether in the home, the barn, the store, the church or the school.  I enjoy the humor and whimsy of many earlier creations.  To me, the whimsy coveys an innocense, a simplicity and wholesomeness of a bygone era.

All of these items are also inspirational, a tribute to a kinder time, when we spent more quality time with our families, actively helped our neighbors, plus were more church and community centered.

Positively Praire was created to share with you items that evoke faith, hope, and joy through our selections of new and vintage primitives.

Thank you so much for your time!  God Bless!

A little background on the name Positively Prairie:

One of the greatest compliments I have ever received was that I had a positive energy.  Positive to me means affirmative, uplifting, joyous, warm, kind, humorous, at peace.  These are qualities that I like to surround myself with, thus Positive seemed like a good lead on a name.

Prairie came from my rural roots.  When I think of prairie, I think of wide open spaces, wildflowers, tall grass, barns, farmhouses, primitives and make-dos, endurance, wagons, hay, sunshine, reliance on family and neighbors.

This seemed like a good marriage of ideals and what we try diligently to bring to you.

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